New Chapter

This page marks a series of firsts: my first blog, my first webpage, my first attempt at long-distance backpacking, my first (real?) writing outlet.  I have always been an adventurer and a gypsy at heart.  I started out after college as a horse trainer.  I travelled around the country working with many different horse breeds, people, and riding styles.  Everything I owned fit in my car.  After about four years I went back to college for business administration and then entered public accounting.  I got my CPA license and spent about five years in Los Angeles steadily filling my brain with codes and form numbers while simultaneously filling out my back-side.

I now find myself in a form of limbo, ready to go back to school for law, but needing an outlet to find my center (both figuratively and literally if we consider my waist).  I talked about hiking the Appalachian Trail with my father since I was very young.  Inspired anew, I’ve spent the last year preparing for a thru-hike, however since I will need to relocate for law school I have had to bring my trip length down to a less ambitious two month jaunt.  My father will even be joining me for part of the trip!

I hope to use this blog to chronicle my two month AT journey.  I want to continue to also write about other shorter trips I have planned in the coming year and trips yet unplanned in the years to come.  Thank you so much for joining me here and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and encouragement.  Be blessed!


12 thoughts on “New Chapter”

  1. This is such an exciting way to start your transition to the next phase of your life. So much has changed since we first spoke of the trail over a year ago at The Blue Dog Tavern, sipping beers and eating wings as we shared academic and career goals. You left the CPA profession with the admiration and respect of your leaders, peers, and subordinates. You have worked so hard to prepare for law school and the trail. This will be a year of many changes and challenges. I’m very proud of you and look forward to reading what your thoughts are over the next two months. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sean! Your words are very kind. Thanks for being such a great listener. I’m still working on convincing you what a great hobby this is! 🙂 🙂 I will be thinking of you and all my other CPA friends toiling hard this busy season.

  2. In my defense, the last time I partook in backpacking was with the Marines, which is very good at taking the fun out of whatever it is you’re doing. 😉 I’m already convinced to give it another try with optimism.

  3. interesting backstory! This will be a great story and adventure for you. Are you going to law school at Penn State? I hope maybe will you stay on the East Coast/Mid Atlantic area somewhere going forward.

    1. Penn State made me an offer almost too good to refuse. 🙂 I have it in my mind I would like to move to Colorado but I would really enjoy being in Pennsylvania too, if that is where I do go. Carlisle pretty much sits right on top of the AT! I could do weekend hikes and get more of the trail done in sections.

  4. Best of luck to you Malea! We will be following your blog and sending you warm thoughts and prayers to ‘will you through’ the hardest times and pure joy in the best of times.
    Take care,

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny! I look forward to spending more time with you when I return. Keep an eye out, I dropped a little something for you in the mail!

      1. I can’t wait!! Thank you. 🙂 I am enjoying your news.
        Stay safe and have a wonderful time.
        It will be great to visit when you get back.

  5. So pretty! That is the very recent photo that I saw of you tonight, Tuesday (3-24-05)! Your eyes just show so much adventure and the mountains in the back ground … you look like you are on top of the world. Prayers for you, love Nana

  6. Hey, Pretty Gypsy! I cannot begin to believe how far you have hiked! You are amazing and hearing that you are well over the 300 miles number … oh, sweet girl … you are so strong! We are praying so much for you and I hear that you are looking forward to this weekend! Yeah, for you and will add some prayers for this new hiker that is coming your way!! God bless you and we love you so much, Nana and Papa Jim

  7. Hey, Gypsy!! Wow … I am so proud of you! You are so amazing to me, all of your planning, your days and days of hiking, all of the sunrises and sunsets that you have seen and the damp and rainy days … YOU are such an inspiration! Hope to talk to you sometime soon. God bless you and hope that you have a great night, love to you, Nana

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