Pre-Hike 02/28/2015

I have an important update: I pushed forward my start date to March 7th.

I was going back and forth on this is my mind and in discussion with my dad, but I am unwilling to reduce my hike time to any less than 2 months.  The dilemma was that if I started March 1st, I would start alone in the cold rain as it is predicted to rain most of next week.  If I wait a week I can start with my dad in better weather.  The area also just got hit with a major winter storm that dropped from 6-8 inches of snow.  Granted, the snow is all but gone in the lower areas, however along with a week of rain, the first week of the hike was shaping up to look more like a mud run.  I am prepared for rain and cold, however it would be nice to break into the hike with better weather.

This morning I discussed it with the interested parties involved and worked out that I will be able to extend the hike, as needed, in order to get my full 2 months.  I am really eager to get on the trail, but this truly is the smarter course of action.  On the bright side, I have more time to figure this blog out and I will definitely post a gear video before I leave.  I will better organize my resupply boxes (thank you Shari for offering to handle shipping those!) and test out some more ideas I have for various dehydrated foods and boiling water.  🙂  I can hardly wait!